Thought for the Month


We have just celebrated Easter and what a
wonderful time we had on Good Friday, walking
the village concentrating on Jesus last days
on earth finishing up with Communion. We had
a wonderful time on Easter Day, Fellowshiping
with The Lord, and then, each other over lunch.
What is next?
After His resurrection Jesus walked and
talked with His disciples periodically for 40
days, teaching and encouraging them, and then
He ascended into Heaven (Acts 1. He left as His
disciples watched Him disappear into a cloud.)
Just previous to this Jesus had told them not to
leave Jerusalem but to Wait.
Acts 1 v 4&5 - ‘He commanded them not to
depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the
Promise of the Father, which He said You have
heard from Me, for John truly baptised with
water, but you shall be baptised with the Holy
Spirit not many days from now.’
I can imagine them talking together How
long will we have to wait? What will it be like?
What does it mean? Wait? How long? Why
we just have the promise now? Things we
ask if Jesus had said this to us. Would we have
the same patience that I presume the disciples
had? Would we have waited the 10 days or
would we have given up and gone home? I have
a feeling that there are many Christians who
couldn’t wait longer than one day, perhaps
many might give up after one week, but I have
a feeling that there would be those who
wouldn’t even go to The Upper room and
at all. Yet the faithful stayed the ten days and
received the promise. 120 of them were
gathered when suddenly a mighty rushing wind
was heard blowing all around them and tongues
of fire sat on all their heads, they were filled to
overflowing and spoke in other tongues.
Languages they had never learned. The Father
had looked down and said ‘at last, a people
willing to receive Me, they are in unity, they are
gathered for one purpose and that is for the
promise I have given them’, and He
in power and might into the hearts of those
waiting. I want to be among those who wait for
the promise that the angels gave, ‘This same
Jesus who was taken up from you into Heaven,
will so come in like manner as you saw Him
- Acts 1 v 11.

Pauline Matherick