Thought for the Month

Jesus our Kinsman-Redeemer

In the time of the Judges in the book of Ruth
we see how a famine results in Naomi’s family
moving away from Israel to a foreign country,
Moab. Her sons marry foreign wives but death
and loss follow, as her husband and 2 sons die.
One daughter-in-law returns to her Moabite
family but the other, Ruth, pledges to stay with
Naomi whatever happens and to follow Naomi’s
God and be one of God’s people. Ch1 v 16 + 17
(Worth a read!)
They return to Naomi’s old home
Bethlehem with next to nothing, but Ruth goes
out into the fields gleaning the fallen heads of
corn after the harvesters had finished, to
scratch a living for Naomi and herself. Not the
best job, but because of Ruth’s energy and
positive attitude, they survive.
Ruth was noticed by Boaz, a respected wealthy
local landowner who was a relative of Naomi’s
husband. He was impressed how hard she
worked and what a healthy attitude she had in
the face of her difficulties, and he made sure
she was protected and had enough food.
The account continues and with Naomi’s
guidance Ruth respectfully expresses to this
older man that she would like to marry him and
safeguard Naomi’s future. He is an honourable
man and after checking that another kinsman
who was closer related than himself, was not
interested, he buys back Naomi’s property and
marries Ruth all in accordance with the Israelite
law. Boaz redeems Naomi’s property and her
son’s wife according to the law so now they
have a bright future in the land.
Ruth has married into the Messianic line and
was King David’s Great grandmother, How
wonderful! God looks on the heart and can use
Boaz is a picture for us today of Jesus who is
our Kinsman-Redeemer.
When we were lost in sin and far from God
Jesus paid the extravagant price and brought us
back to our Father and He continues to do so
when we stumble and fail. What a wonderful
Love story Jesus is our Kinsman-Redeemer.
Tim Keen