Thought for the Month

You shall not be called Lonely or Afraid

As we enter the time of advent I am reminded
of the prophet Isaiah (in chapter 7:14) reads...
The Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin
will conceive and give birth to a son, and will
call him Immanuel (God with us).
Selah....(Just think about that again)
It was at a time when the king of Judah had
heard that the armies of Syria were already in
the territory of Israel, and he and his people
were terrified. Isaiah was sent to tell him that
he should keep alert, to stay calm, and not be
This verse in Isaiah was mentioned again in
Matthew 1:20 when an angel of the Lord
appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him not
to be afraid.
Joseph being a righteous, good man, was
planning to break off the engagement because
he didn't want to disgrace Mary publicly. Then
had a dream from the Lord to not be afraid to
take Mary to be his wife, because the baby was
a special baby - called Jesus- who was going to
save people from their sins!
I wanted to remind you today that God has not
changed, He is still your Immanuel.
Maybe today you are afraid of the things that
are going on in this world, or there are some
things going on in your family and you are
having to make decisions. Don’t make them
from a place of fear or worry of what it might
do to someone else. Make sure in all things you
hear God’s voice so you know which way to go.
It could be that He sends someone with a word,
or you could have a dream, or maybe even in
this thought! But however it comes, know that
God is wanting to speak to you. You may even
be that person He is sending with a message for
someone else. Make sure at this time of advent
you hear Him and do what He says.
Finally, I guess Joseph and the King may have
felt like I do sometimes—alone, not feeling that
I can share my feelings, or what God is saying.
Please don’t let this happen, remember He gave
us a church to support, uplift and encourage.
Joseph wasn't on his own, he had Mary, and
Mary had Elizabeth too.
At this special time, you don’t have to be alone
or afraid... He is still our Immanuel!
Ps. I am planning to read a chapter of Luke
each day of advent, if you are up for it—lets do
it together and see what God has to say to us.
With my desire to see you all enveloped
and encouraged in Gods wonderful love...
Pastor Andrew